In the Eyes of the Butterfly

In the Eyes of the Butterfly is a short film which has been in production for a number of years. In 2008 a group of dedicated film makes got together to realise my vision of one man living on a butterfly. A team spent 5 weeks building 5 sets in a film studio on Kirkstall road Leeds, we begged and borrowed all the material we could find to build an incredible set. This was production designer Kat Hales first adventure, she is now working as an Art Director on many productions in Manchester and Leeds.

The film, originally titled Rehydration, was 60% live action and 40% stop motion animation. With a crew of 30 the live action filming took 3 days, with the help of special effects make up artists, Rowley Special effects, and many dedicated runners and crew members. The film had a promising start. After 2 and a half years of working on the stop motion animation the team pulled out. This news was devastating to deal with and took me a couple of years to rewrite the script and figure out a new way of completing the film. With a new script in hand and a new location found, the film was ready to start up again. Then due to a family tragedy the film went on the back burner.

Now 2016 I am more determined than ever that this film will get finished, I have a new editor piecing together the old footage and a new DOP ready to film the next stage of the film in London. This film really has been a labor of love and I am aiming to have the film finished on its 8th Year anniversary in November 2016.

I owe it to everyone who has put so much time and work into this film.