Notes on Blindness – Radio Hull

During 2016 i was asked to work on a short film called Radio Hull with James Spinney and Peter Middleton. Radio Hull was a follow on short film from their feature ‘Notes on Blindness’. Notes on Blindness is a Docu-Drama following the life of John Hull as he began to go blind. During this time in John Hulls life he made hundreds of hours of recordings of he experiences of blindness. James Spinney and Peter Middleton were able to use these recording and create a dramatised story of John Hulls life and experiences. I was in such awe of the feature film, it was shot beautifully and directed with such care and compassion. When they asked me to be part of their journey into John Hulls life i jumped at the chance. Radio Hull is the story of John Hulls daughter who would mimic her dad by making radio shows herself.

Here is the finished short film, I hope you enjoy it:

Directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney
Produced by Archer’s Mark in co-production with Ex Nihilo and ARTE France.

ARTE Creative, pas de futurs talents sans audace :

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