Hive – You’re Never Far From Home

Just before Christmas 2016 I had the pleasure of working with Director John Turner for the second time. The first was on his debut short film but this time is was for a British Gas commercial for their Hive product.

The commercial took place in Norway and London and follows the story of Jamie and his son during the Christmas period. Jamie is always on tour with his band so sometimes he misses some important memories, like turning on the Christmas tree. Hive have created a product that means that no matter where you are in the world you can control you house lights and even Christmas tree lights from an app on your phone.

The shoot was lots of fun!! I hope you enjoy the commercial, here is below.


KT Tunstall Music Video


In December 2016 I had the pleasure of working with KT Tunstall on her new music video which she directed. Working with KT was a brilliant experience she is very driven, has a strong directors vision and is great to work with.  Dispite the day being  busy and being were pushed for time KT always had a smile and brought life to the room. This was my first time as a 1st AD where the director was also performing in the video, but hopefully not the last.

Here is the end result, enjoy:

Production Company – MISS T UK

Director – KT TUNSTALL
Consultant – ADRIAN McGAW
Director of Photography – LUKE SCULLY

Notes on Blindness – Radio Hull

During 2016 i was asked to work on a short film called Radio Hull with James Spinney and Peter Middleton. Radio Hull was a follow on short film from their feature ‘Notes on Blindness’. Notes on Blindness is a Docu-Drama following the life of John Hull as he began to go blind. During this time in John Hulls life he made hundreds of hours of recordings of he experiences of blindness. James Spinney and Peter Middleton were able to use these recording and create a dramatised story of John Hulls life and experiences. I was in such awe of the feature film, it was shot beautifully and directed with such care and compassion. When they asked me to be part of their journey into John Hulls life i jumped at the chance. Radio Hull is the story of John Hulls daughter who would mimic her dad by making radio shows herself.

Here is the finished short film, I hope you enjoy it:

Directed by Peter Middleton and James Spinney
Produced by Archer’s Mark in co-production with Ex Nihilo and ARTE France.

ARTE Creative, pas de futurs talents sans audace :

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Daisy – April 2015


In April 2015 I was fortunate to be asked to 1st AD on a wonderful short film called Daisy about a young girl in the last days of her life suffering with EB. The film was written and directed by Nancy Payton, owner and founder of Payton Productions. She had already received awards for the screen play Daisy which made the concept of working with a new up and coming Director very exciting.

Nancy Paytons keen interest in working with a predominantly female crew was empowering. She, like myself, believe that there should be more women working in the film and television industry In leading roles and HOD jobs. The industry is seen as such a male dominated industry it was refreshing to meet a director who was more passionate about equal opportunities more than anyone else had met.

Working on Daisy was such a wonderful experience with a great cast and crew. It did come with its challenges however. A few of the cast members suffered from terrible disease EB, which made there days very hard. As the 1st AD the wellbeing of the children was paramount. At times they struggled with the day but they were troupers and didn’t let Eb get in their way. The real hero of the film was wonderful Maisy, there were moments when we didn’t think that she would cope filming, but she did fantastic, she had such amazing strength to get her through each day. The film is a true testament to her.

I am so privileged to have met such wonderful people during the making of this short film. Sometimes film making Really is about standing up for a cause and making a great piece of cinema.

The Film Daisy has been successful in the beginning on 2016 debuting in LA and has already received awards. I look Forward to seeing how far this film will go.

Daisy continues to raise awareness for the Charity Debera.

BAFTA Crew member 2015/2016


I am pleased to announce that I became a BAFTA crew member 2015/ 2016 as a recognised 1st Assistant Director. I applied to become a member because BAFTA offers those who are stepping up within the industry to attend master-classes, net working events and screenings. I am feel privileged to have been selected to be part of BAFTA crew and can’t wait to see what the year has in store for us.

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Wind In the Willows Review

Review: The Wind In the Willows

Saturday 20th June, Bramham Village Hall

Company: Bramham Drama Group

Director: Robyn Henderson

In a quintessentially English village on almost the longest day of the year, in a delightful village hall by a delightful English church an audience was taken to a bygone era of picnics, boating, Caravans and motor cars.

Bramham Drama Group’s performance of the Alan Bennett adaptation of The Wind In the Willows was second to none. Having been brought up on the antics of Toady, Rat, Mole and Badger I came to the evening with many a fond childhood memory and I was uneasy of being disappointed. But on the contrary I was absolutely enchanted.

Toad was as large as life, as pompous, as silly as you could ever have imagined, Rat as reserved and slightly stuffy, Mole in awe of everything, and Badger the old fashioned, educated stalwart of the Wild Wood.

Testament to director Robyn Henderson’s ability and visual skills, each vivid set encapsulated their world in simple and elegant form. From badger’s roaring fire to Toad’s Basket chair, it was all there but minus the spectacle and over-indulgence that would be so easy for a professional company to include. It was all more childlike, and as such, wonderfully engaging for all of the family.

The cast were superb in the show-stealing courtroom scene: Toad languishing in the dock, the stuffy judge, the Weasels heckling… And the style of staging – an almost reverse theatre In the Round, with the audience being surrounded by the cast at times made Kenneth Grahame’s River Bank leap off the page. Alan Bennett’s keen wit shone through in the dialogue, all flawlessly delivered by the whole ensemble.

Ask anyone who has seen this play and they will tell you that they haven’t smiled as much in years.

Simply wonderful.