Robyn Barresi (born Robyn Henderson) first became involved within the world of arts when she and her family moved to Bramham, Yorkshire. They became members of the local amateur dramatics group and every year took part in the pantomime ritual. Robyn knew from early on that she was more interested in the ‘backstage’ elements of theatre production. Keen to know everything she worked on the sound deck, created lighting designs, dabbled in stage management and even did her turn of the curtain puller. This led to direct her first play at the age of 16 ‘A funny thing that didn’t happen’, a 1 act play about an amateur dramatic company trying, but failing to put on a production.

Keen to pursue her career in arts Robyn studied film and television production at York St John university which during this time she directed the pantomime ‘The wizard that Was’ and her most memorable theatre play ‘The Wind In the Willows’ to a sold out house. From that moment Robyn knew she wanted to pursue her career as a director.

After graduating from University Robyn started work on her first short film, In the Eyes of The Butterfly, (originally titled Rehydration). Shortly after completing the filming of the live action for the short Robyn gained work on an American TV Drama Robinson Crusoe staring Philip Winchester and Sean Bean. In love with being on set she began to follow the route of floor runner to assistant director as ‘her way into the industry’. Sure of her path she wanted to gain as much experience as possible before venturing on any other short film projects. She went to work on productions such as The Duchess, The Kings Speech, This is England 1986, The Crimson Petal and the White.

After moving to London in 2011 to study contemporary music for 8 months and having a song reach number 4 in the easy listening charts Robyn continued her career in the film industry. She worked as a 3rd AD on ‘Way to Go’ directed by Friends and Will and Grace writer Jeff Greenstine. But things were not always easy, the industry was full of highs and lows in work, taking other jobs to pay the bills Robyn got a lucky break after working on Lacy Turners ‘Our Girl’. A line producer who believed that Robyn could step into the shoes of a 1st AD gave her that chance on a now nominated BAFTA Children’s TV show ‘All At Sea’.

With allot of persistence Robyn has now established her self as a 1st Assistant Director working on Charlie Brokers ‘Black Mirror’, ‘Hank Zipzer’ staring Henry Winkler, BBC2 Docu-drama 1066 and more recently a feature film staring Jerry Hall.

While Robyn’s love of the job of a 1st Assistant Director continues she is now taking on her own directing projects, completing ‘In the Eyes of the Butterfly’, taking on the Straight 8 Kodak Super 8 film competition and working on her next short film project hoping to film in the autumn this year.