Daisy – April 2015


In April 2015 I was fortunate to be asked to 1st AD on a wonderful short film called Daisy about a young girl in the last days of her life suffering with EB. The film was written and directed by Nancy Payton, owner and founder of Payton Productions. She had already received awards for the screen play Daisy which made the concept of working with a new up and coming Director very exciting.

Nancy Paytons keen interest in working with a predominantly female crew was empowering. She, like myself, believe that there should be more women working in the film and television industry In leading roles and HOD jobs. The industry is seen as such a male dominated industry it was refreshing to meet a director who was more passionate about equal opportunities more than anyone else had met.

Working on Daisy was such a wonderful experience with a great cast and crew. It did come with its challenges however. A few of the cast members suffered from terrible disease EB, which made there days very hard. As the 1st AD the wellbeing of the children was paramount. At times they struggled with the day but they were troupers and didn’t let Eb get in their way. The real hero of the film was wonderful Maisy, there were moments when we didn’t think that she would cope filming, but she did fantastic, she had such amazing strength to get her through each day. The film is a true testament to her.

I am so privileged to have met such wonderful people during the making of this short film. Sometimes film making Really is about standing up for a cause and making a great piece of cinema.

The Film Daisy has been successful in the beginning on 2016 debuting in LA and has already received awards. I look Forward to seeing how far this film will go.

Daisy continues to raise awareness for the Charity Debera.